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CAST Classic Engineered Wall Light (LED)


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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures – LED Engineered Wall Light

The LED Engineered Wall light is constructed of solid-bronze with a flat copper bracket for easy flush mounting under capstones, between courses of block and under railings.

LED Engineered Wall Light Dimensions:

  • Body: 6.0″ wide x 1.1″ tall x 1.4″ deep
  • Bracket: 3.0″ wide x 4.6″ deep

LED Engineered Wall Light Lamp Specifications:

  • CEWL5CB: 12V T-3 10W glass wedge-base xelogen halogen lamp (10,000 hr.), (rated 18W max.) Lamp included. Note for units produced prior to 12/10: 18W T5 lamp may also be used, but requires slight fixture modification (see technical note).
  • CEWL5LED1: Integrated LED board thermally bonded to fixture casting.

LED Engineered Wall Light LED Life:

  • Estimated Life (L70: 60,500 hrs., 5-year warranty

LED Engineered Wall Light Power Specifications:

  • Input Power: At 12 volts AC – 3 watts;  at 12 volts DC – 3.6 watts
  • Input Voltage: Accepts 8 to 18 volts (AC or DC). For DC operation, unit is polarity independent.
  • Input Current: 0.26 amps
  • Power factor: 0.80 +/- 0.10
  • Surge Protection: TVS Transient Voltage Suppressor (36V)
  • LED Current Regulation: 5% across voltage range

LED Engineered Wall Light Output:

  • Light output from LED array: 105 lumens (avg.)
  • Light output from luminaire: 75 lumens (avg.) (8 – 15% greater for DC)
  • Luminous Efficacy: 20 – 30 lumens per watt
  • Color Temperature (CCT): 2,700° K (avg.) (warm white)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85 typical

LED Engineered Wall Light Operating Conditions:

  • Operating Temperature: -4° to 120° F (-20° to 50° C)
  • Moisture Protection: conformal coating assembly (except LED lens)
  • Thermal Management: Assembly is thermally bonded to fixture body; LED Junction: 63.0° C @25° C ambient

LED Engineered Wall Light Component Details:

  • Light Source: (2) Nichia LED’s with constant current driver
  • No electrolytic capacitors, includes all high-temperature components

LED Engineered Wall Light Listings:

  • UL 1838 Listed Low Voltage Luminaire for wet locations (Incandescent version only – UL Listing for LED version expected in late 2011).
  • This product complies with FCC Class B emissions standards for residential environments.

LED Engineered Wall Light Construction:

  • Body: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze
  • Bracket: Solid copper with two mounting holes.
  • Internal Reflector: mirrored aluminum reflector
  • Lens: Frosted soda lime glass
  • Socket Assembly (CEWL5CB): High-temperature wedge-base socket
  • Wiring: Tin-coated #18-2  No-Ox marine-grade wiring (inside fixture and external 25 ft. lead)wire crimped and soldered to lead wire using tin solder and tin crimps protected with waterproof shrink tubing and fiberglass sleeve

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