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How Much Firewood Do You Need?

How Much Firewood Do You Need?

Before placing an order for firewood from Lehnhoff’s Supply, consider how much fuel you’ll actually need.

It seems like overnight temperatures in Maryland have dropped below freezing and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep warm. Using a firepit, fireplace, or wood stove can keep you and your family comfortably toasty while creating a rustic atmosphere, but having the right fuel (and enough of it) is essential. Before placing an order for firewood from Lehnhoff’s Supply, consider how much fuel you’ll actually need.

Firewood Cords vs. Half Cords

One of the standard measurements when it comes to firewood is a volumetric unit called a “cord.” One cord is typically defined in the U.S. as 128 ft3, or a stack measuring four by four by eight feet. Firewood is usually sold by the cord or by the half-cord. However, some smaller firewood providers may use more ambiguous quantities, such as “a truckload,” or they may advertise prices based on weight. Selling firewood in standard cord or half-cord measurements keeps sellers accountable and ensures that buyers are able to compare prices easily and accurately.

Some Considerations for Your Firewood Usage

The amount of firewood you’ll need for the season depends on a few factors, and asking yourself the following questions can help you come up with a better estimate of the fuel you’ll need:

  • How often do you plan on lighting fires? If you’re planning on lighting fires once a week or less, your fuel needs will be significantly lower than a household that keeps a wood stove or boiler running 24/7. Families lighting one or two fires a week may find that a third of a cord of firewood is sufficient for the season. On the other hand, households relying on firewood for heat in cold climates may need four cords or more to get through the winter. Asking your firewood provider about standard firewood needs in your area can help you determine how much firewood to order.
  • How efficient is your stove or fireplace? Stoves and boilers vary in terms of efficiency. Using a wood stove or boiler designed for the size of your home is an excellent way to avoid using more firewood than necessary. Staying on top of routine maintenance and using high-quality fuel are important, too.
  • Are wood-fueled fires your primary source of heat? While wood-powered home heating can be efficient and practical in some situations, you may find that you only light fires for ambience, fun, and cooking.
  • How large is your home? If wood is your primary fuel source for heat, your firewood needs will also depend on the size of your home, the temperature increase you are trying to achieve, and the size and condition of your wood stove or boiler.

Whether you need one cord or ten, Lehnhoff’s Supply has you covered. Visit us online or in-store to purchase high-quality hardwood firewood to keep yourself and your family warm all winter!

Questions? Lehnhoff’s Supply is Here to Help

If you still have more questions about how to best prepare your landscape or garden for winter or spring, the trained professionals at Lehnhoff’s Supply are here to help you.

Find us at 2708 Belair Road, Fallston, MD 21047 and give us a call at 410-510-7646. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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