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4 July Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Landscape Healthy

4 July Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Landscape Healthy lehnhoff's supply

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn isn’t always easy, especially when it gets hot.

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the grand tradition of lawn care. For many homeowners, lawn care is a point of pride. But maintaining a lush and healthy lawn isn’t always easy, especially when it gets hot. July has many challenges; protecting landscapes and gardens from intense heat, severe weather, and annoying pests is not always easy! Luckily, we have some tips for keeping your landscape healthy through hot summer days.

Hydrate Your Lawn

First, water your lawn. This may sound obvious, but there is more to watering grass than you think. During summer, you should thoroughly soak your grass at infrequent intervals, mimicking rainfall patterns. This will help strengthen the roots and make the blades thicker. Also, be sure to check the weather in your area before watering. With all the rain Maryland has experienced in the past few weeks, you don’t want to overwater your grass!

The best time to water is before the sun rises because it will help prevent evaporation. You also want to give the sun time to dry the grass blades. You should avoid watering at night because that moisture sits overnight, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Watch for Lawn Diseases and Pests

Insufficient watering causes crisp, brown, dying grass. However, overwatering can also have its drawbacks. Be aware of common lawn ailments and pests throughout July, and adjustments to your watering regimen or other measures may be necessary. Look for brown patches that stay brown despite regular watering, as these may be signs of a fungal infection or grub infestation. Addressing these problems early can help homeowners ensure their landscape grows healthy.

Keep Your Grass Long

A short lawn isn’t necessarily a healthy lawn. Though cutting your grass short to show off its greenness may be tempting, cutting it too short can do more harm than good. This is especially true in hotter, drier areas. If the grass is too short, it’s much more likely to burn. Additionally, taller blades of grass are more efficient at finding water because they develop deeper root systems. Tall grass also shades the soil, so you won’t need to water the lawn as often.

Set your lawnmower blades as high as possible when mowing. And leave the grass clippings on the lawn. They will give the soil an extra dose of nutrients and additional shade.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Like all living things, your grass needs nourishment to survive. The soil will lose nutrients over time. Fertilizing your lawn returns these nutrients back into the ground, allowing your grass to grow deeper, stronger, and healthier. More robust grass will also become thicker and greener. 

After you apply fertilizer, lightly water your grass for about 10 – 15 minutes to let the fertilizer sink in. Just make sure you don’t apply fertilizer right before a rainstorm. This may cause the fertilizer to run off instead of sinking into the soil.

Questions? Lehnhoff’s Supply is Here to Help

If you still have more questions about how to keep your landscape healthy, the trained professionals at Lehnhoff’s Supply are here to help you. Find us at 2708 Belair Road, Fallston, MD 21047 and give us a call at 410-510-7646. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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