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3 Reasons to Use Organic Soil in Joppa

organic soil

Here are a few reasons to use Lehnhoff’s Supply’s screened organic soil for your next project in Joppa.

When it comes to using soil for your residential or commercial property, different projects have different needs. Growth media and fill dirt have vastly different attributes, and it is essential to know what characteristics you need from your dirt. If you plan on growing things on your property, you should seriously consider using organic soil. Unlike some other types of dirt, screened organic soils contain valuable organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms that make dirt healthy. Here are a few reasons to use Lehnhoff’s Supply’s screened organic soil for your next project in Joppa.

1. Diverse Soil Structure

Unlike some other soils, organic soil has different types of dirt, decaying plant matter, and other natural materials that contribute to its unique and diverse structure. This varied composition allows water and air to flow freely through the dirt, reaching roots and preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Fill dirt and similar materials are not ideal for growing plants because they are easily compacted, creating crumbly, sandy, and dense conditions that do not foster healthy root growth. As an additional bonus, properties that use organic soils may not need to use as much water. Because organic soil allows for more air and water flow, less water is necessary to keep your plants hydrated. Dirt with a healthy structure retains more water than sandy, hard, or dense soils.

2. Increased Microorganism Presence

While it may seem gross to have a ton of creepy-crawlies writhing around in your dirt, there are many benefits to having healthy colonies of beneficial microorganisms in your garden. Many non-organic soils are sterilized in order to eliminate weed seeds, pests, and other organic materials that can be detrimental to a lawn. However, sterilizing the soil gets rid of many of the beneficial microorganisms that make soil healthy and help gardens to thrive. Copepods, springtails, fungi, and other small organisms that contribute to the health of an ecosystem are present in organic soil in much greater numbers. These organisms are responsible for aerating the soil, breaking down organic material, and recycling decaying matter into nutrients for your plants.

3. Organic Soil Has More Nutrients

As we have discussed above, organic soil has many of the microorganisms and organic matter necessary to convert waste into nutrients and make those nutrients available for plants to consume. Having nutritious and fertile soil is necessary for any landscaping venture. With screened organic soil from Lehnhoff’s Supply, you can rest assured that your new plants will grow and thrive.

Questions? Lehnhoff’s Supply is Here to Help

If you still have more questions about how to best prepare your landscape or garden for summer and fall, the trained professionals at Lehnhoff’s Supply are here to help you. Find us at 2708 Belair Road, Fallston, MD 21047 and give us a call at 410-510-7646. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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